Fortune House Seafood Restaurant: Golden Yolk Custard Lava Buns

Okay, we’ve been to Fortune House Seafood Restaurant many, many times over the years so I won’t bore you with all of the details of this Chinese restaurant located in Metropolis.


20161205_104633 No, instead, I’ll just start off with these Golden Yolk Custard Lava Buns that have been appearing on Instagram all of last year.

It’s amazing how happy these little round yellow buns appear to be… especially since they’re about to be eaten.

Actually, most people that order these buns will probably do exactly what I did when they arrived at the table… poke a hole in their mouth and then squish them until the custard spills out… But I’ve always been one who likes to play with their food.

Truth be told, there was nothing really tasty about these buns as they were a bit dry. Oh, the things that I’d do for a cute pic.

Anyways, food at Fortune House Seafood is fairly tasty. We also wound up ordering the Deep Fried Prawns with Lychee.



We opted for the Steamed Shrimp Rice Rolls this time instead of our usual order of Beef Rice Rolls.


We followed that up with an order of Stuffed Eggplant, Green Pepper, and Tofu.


Another kid-friendly item on their menu is their Steamed Beef Balls. Guess I’m just a kid at heart.


But I’m also a big fan of noodles! So that explains our order of Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli.


Metropolis at Metrotown
Upper Level
2199A-4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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