Neptune Wonton Noodle (Burnaby): Carb Overload

Neptune Wonton Noodle is a chain restaurant that recently opened up in Station Square. The interior is quite spacious so you don’t really feel too cramped like many other wonton noodle joints.

We’ve been waiting for this place to open up as we’ve seen the signs for ages and there’s not that many wonton noodle places around Metrotown. We started out our meal with a couple of Cold Lemon Teas ($3.50 each).


From there, we moved onto the Fresh Shrimp and Meat Dumpling with Noodle in Soup ($7.25). I found it odd that the menu said that it came “in soup” while it actually came with the soup separate… probably one of those typical menu translation problems. In either case, there was a mess load of noodles in this dish.


The dumplings were pleasantly plump and chock full of meaty goodness.


To up the ante for our carb fest, we ordered the Dried Scallop and Mixed Seafood Fried Rice ($16.95). This was a pretty hefty dish and also had chicken mixed into it as well. The fried rice was the perfect vessel for all of that saucy toppings.


Overall, the food was adequate but not stellar. The service, as expected, was lacking a bit.

We decided to come back a few months later for a revisit to see if anything had changed. Sure enough, the place was packed. This time around, we decided to start off with a typical Chinese breakfast item… Preserved Duck Egg and Lean Pork Congee ($7.25) paired with a Chinese Donut ($2.50). The pork was quite tender and this turned out to be a simple yet tasty dish.


The Siu Mai ($5.25) was fairly standard with the shrimp and pork filling topped with fish eggs.


Another standard dish was the Steamed Beef Balls ($4.95).


I quite enjoyed the House Special Chow Mein ($15.95) – loved the really crispy noodles and how it mixes with the sauce.


As with our first visit, service was on the slow side. This time, our cold lemon tea took a very long time to arrive.

Station Square – 2nd Floor
4405 Central Blvd.
Burnaby BC

Neptune Wonton Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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