Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen: Overpriced and Undercooked

Okay, I’ve heard of some good things about the XLB at Chen’s Shanghai Kitchen in Richmond… which is pretty much the only reason why I bothered to visit this place. The problem with listening to online reviews is that you can’t always believe what you read.

We visited back in the beginning of April and the Grand Canyon-sized pot holes in the cramped parking lot should have been our first clue that we were in for a bad meal. When we walked inside the near empty restaurant, we should have taken that as our second clue. Any good restaurant should have been packed at this hour.

In any case, we decided to stay and ordered the Beef Rolls ($6.25) which is a classic dish that was butchered at this restaurant. The fatty meat was stuffed in the pancake haphazardly and wound up falling out as soon as you picked it up.


Chen’s Signature Soup Dumplings ($6.50) should have been better. After all, why call this your “signature dish” unless you are really good at making it? Well, a third of the dumplings were broken to start with and the remaining dumplings hardly had any soup inside at all.


When you consider that the dumpling skin wasn’t very thin, you kind of wonder what the heck happened here? I’ve had much better XLB elsewhere.


Moving on, the Chili Wontons ($7.25) were marginally better.


But probably the worst dish at this restaurant had to be their Crystal Shrimp Dumplings ($6.95). For the price, it’s a bit expensive for har gow but that’s not the main issue here. The skin was thick and doughy while the shrimp inside the dumplings were raw.


We showed this to the waitress who looked at it and took it away (but they still charged us for the uneaten mess). We were just happy to get out of this place without getting sick. I guess this is why this place wasn’t busier. Well… live and learn.

8095 Park Road
Richmond, BC

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  1. Such a shame! The original Chen’s was very good indeed, and one of the best places to get tasty reasonably priced Shanghaines

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