IT Char Burger: Have You Got IT?

Have you got IT?

And by “IT”, I mean an IT Char Burger? If you’ve never heard of an IT Char Burger before, it’s probably because you can only find it at a tiny hole-in-the-wall burger/cafe/Indian/Asian food outlet in a nondescript mini mall located in New Westminster. The next time you’re around Royal Square Mall on McBride and Eight Ave, head into the little shopping mall and grab a burger from IT Char.

Their signature IT Char Burger with Fries comes in for under $10 with fries. I added a side of gravy and have to admit that it was pretty awesome. The burger comes with two chargrilled patties topped with caramelized onions, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Everything is made to order and the fries had the perfect balance of crispy exterior and soft interior that paired perfectly with the thick, rich gravy.


Yup, it doesn’t get much better than this. There’s not really a food court in this mini mall… but they do have some tables that you can sit at to enjoy your meal. This place also serves up western-style breakfast options, butter chicken, as well as some Asian dishes… but I always come back for their burgers.


I finally decided one day to try one of their other burgers… the Double Spicy BBQ with fries and drink for under $10. It’s fairly similar to the IT Char Burger in that it comes with caramelized onions and double patties. Where it departs is that it’s topped with thick-cut jalapeño slices as well as a sweet bbq sauce.


This time around, I didn’t order the side of gravy and I was kicking myself because it really sends the fries over the top.


The jalapeño slices didn’t actually give this burger much heat but the burger was quite messy to eat with the mix of sweet caramelized onions and bbq sauce.


IT Char makes a heck of a burger… make sure you check them out if you’re in the area.

800 McBride Boulevard
New Westminster, BC

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  1. i have eaten here about 3 times in the last 2 years. Pretty decent burger and fries. Unfortunately the last time i ate here (about 3 months ago) i had the butter chicken/fries plus a cheeseburger…felt ill withing 20 minutes of eating it. Which is odd for me as i am pretty healthy and hardy. Anyways, i was fairly sick and nauseous with headache for about 24 hours….was enough to cross these guys off my list. But good luck to all others …:)

    • Haven’t had any problems here so far (about four separate visits) but I haven’t tried the butter chicken.

      • yeah…shame tho because i like the idea of a good burger and cheapo prices. But you gotta admit…that ”mall’ and it’s food court have the ambiance of a mausoleum. I mean i personally do not enjoy noisy malls and super busy food courts but holy!…that food court is way to quiet. I wonder how ITChar Burger can manage to survive and pay rent with such a dead mall.

      • My guess is they have regular customers from people who work in or around the mall.

  2. Another good place for a burger in New West is/was the Big 6 Cafe 7660 6th St, Burnaby,(ok…i just say it is in new west…lol) …but they got hit by a broken water pipe and flooding last year in September or october. The owner was fighting his insurer to get it all fixed up and reopened. Still closed but i got a Facebook message from him saying he finally got work started last week. The diner itself is a real trucker diner going back 45 years, but this last/current owner had a Read Seal chef working the kitchen and the food was very tasty, not your typical dumpy greasy spoon. Excellent fish n chips, great burger/fries and very good breakfasts . I really hope Paul reopens his diner, he a very nice dude along with his wife and staff plus very reasonable prices . Keep an eye out for them and try them out (assuming they ARE reopening at some point) .

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