Indian Bombay Bistro: Chicken Malai

Indian Bombay Bistro is a surprisingly good restaurant located on 6th Street in Burnaby that I’ve been to on a number of occasions.

Back in March, I came back for a revisit (there’s not a lot of great Indian restaurants around the Edmonds area) and tried their Chicken Malai ($12.95) and an order of garlic naan ($2.95). I also ordered some rice (which doesn’t come with their entrées) because you simply need to have some rice to soak up the sauces with.


The garlic naan is really good here… light, crisp, and flaky. They’ve also got some stuffed naan that is quite good as well.


The Chicken Malai is a good alternative to butter chicken. The tender boneless chicken is marinated in coconut cream and fresh spices and cooked in a thick, rich, and creamy onion sauce.


7558 6th Street
Burnaby, BC

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  1. i have gotten take out from here about 3-4 times in the past year or so. Pretty tasty indian food and i drive in from East Van and back just to get my fix. I too love butter chicken but im getting a little bored of that dish, so next time out i will also try the Chicken Malai . The only food item i wish they served here is a great tasting Beef samosa (versus mediocre..). I normally get my indian dishes from either James Street grill or Agra TAndoori (both on Canada WAy in burnaby at Smithe (one block east of Boundary Rd.) mainly because i really enjoy their beef samosas. But i will say the quality of the indian dishes And the cheaper prices per dish are much better at Indian Bombay.

    • Try Safari Snack House in Canada Way near Sperling. They aren’t the typical large samosas with the thick wrapper… They’re smaller with a thin, crispy wrapper. Pretty good but usually busy.

      • thanks , i tried Safari years ago. But actually, i work right next door to Safari’s cousin —Kilimanjaro Snack House—on Kingsway near Fraser. They offer 3 beef samosas for $7.45….good tasting but kinda tiny little triangles and their indian dishes are more like an african-indian hybird (prefer just tradtional inian food) or they will offer certain items on their menu but when you ask for it ”oh sorry, not offered today…only made on days when we cater. Ask for it in advance, please”. …lol….so i dont even bother visiting them anymore. A restaurant should please and serve their customers, not on days when it is convenient for them.

      • Yes, there are lots of Indian hybrid places (Gulberg does a tasty Indian-Pakistani buffet in Fleetwood). Haven’t had any real old-school Indian place recently. Tasty Indian Bistro in Delta is pretty good but more modern.

      • i like exploring Fraser and Main street between 57th ave to roughly King Edward…lots of small hole in the wall family owned Indian restaurants to try out in that area. I normally will avoid just about any indian buffet lunch deal in metro vancouver as the 2-3 times i have tried that it would be mostly sauces with very little chicken/lamb/beef portions and warm over , subpar entree dishes in warming trays. My all time favorite indian restaurant is long gone…maybe close for 20 years now but it was legendary to many vancouverites who ate there : Rubina Tandoori which was located on Kingsway near Victoria Drive . To this day nothing compares to their food .

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