Goma Tei Ramen at the International Marketplace (Hawaii 2017): Char Siu Ramen and Curry Loco Moco

Goma Tei Ramen is a Japanese noodle house that’s located on the top floor of the newly renovated International Marketplace in Waikiki. For those that remember the former International Marketplace as a dizzying array of Hawaiian trinket and souvenir shops, you’re in for a big surprise when you come back here. While they’ve saved the large banyan tree, the marketplace itself is quite modern now and resembles many of the other upscale outdoor shopping malls in Hawaii.

Goma Tei Ramen is a chain restaurant with a few other locations in the area. The interior of this restaurant is fairly large and we were surprised that it wasn’t very busy during our visit. Perhaps it was a sign or maybe it’s just because there’s so many restaurant options available now.

We customized the Char Siu Ramen ($13.19) by adding egg ($1.65) and green onions ($2.20). To be honest, it’s not worth the extra price for the green onions.

20170515_175147 20170515_173431

The noodles are served in a shoyu broth and comes with three massively thick slices of char siu. I found that the pork really wasn’t very tender and it was difficult to eat. If they had cut the char siu thinner, this would have been much better.


We also ordered the Curry Loco Moco ($12.43) which is a bit of a Hawaiian twist on the traditional Japanese curry dish. The hamburger patty is topped with a fried egg and the curry had boneless chicken and onions in the sauce. One thing that this place has going for it is the portion size. Plus, the tip is already included in the meal price (the same way they do it in Japan).


Overall, the food is okay but not the best ramen or curry that I’ve had before. Perhaps it’s because we have so many great ramen places in Vancouver or because we still remember the amazing Japanese curry that we had in Tokyo last year.

2330 Kalakaua Avenue (On the top floor of the International Marketplace)
Honolulu, HI

Goma Tei Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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