Patsara Thai: Some Potential But Needs Work

When I first discovered Patsara Thai in New Westminster, I was quite excited. The restaurant is fairly unassuming from the outside. The only clue that this building contains a Thai restaurant is the completely purple exterior and the small sign in the window.

Inside, the roomy interior is quite modern and well appointed with exposed wooden beams, a waterfall feature, and many golden art features on the wall. As it turns out, this place is hardly a secret because it was always moderately busy when I visited.


On my first visit, I ordered an appy and one of their lunch specials to get the lay of the land… Chicken Satay ($6.50) and Green Curry Chicken ($8.50 lunch special).


The lunch special menu said that it came with spring rolls but they brought me out what I think was deep fried wonton/dumplings. I didn’t mind very much as they were pretty good. But, looking back, this was the first of many discrepancies between what I ordered from the menu and what actually arrived… however, I’ll get to that soon enough.


The marinated and grilled chicken satay were served with a peanut satay sauce. The chicken wasn’t very tender but it wasn’t bad either and I did enjoy the peanut sauce.


Meanwhile, the green curry had a a light heat and was prepared with eggplant, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and basil.


Overall, the green curry was pretty good so I made a mental note to return to try some of their other dishes.

On my second visit, I opted for their Roasted Duck in Red Curry ($9.50). This wasn’t on their lunch special menu but one thing that I’ve learned from eating at Thai restaurants is to always try their Roasted Duck in Red Curry if they have it on their menu.


There were three whole lychees in this dish along with sweet pineapple chunks, tomato, ample thinly-cut slices of fatty duck in a red curry sauce that was not overly hot but that did have an adequate kick.

My third visit returned me back to their lunch special menu and an order of Pad Thai with Prawns ($8.50) cooked with chives, bean sprouts, carrots, tofu, and egg in a tamarind sauce. This time around, they actually asked me if I wanted a spring roll or crispy chicken wontons with my lunch special.


One of the things that started to annoy me by my third visit was that they always sat me at the same table (which didn’t have a window). Really wish they had more natural light coming into this restaurant. I also noticed that they often get big groups coming in here during lunch which can cause a lot of delays.


When my lunch finally arrived, I was a bit underwhelmed by the presentation as it was completely covered with crunchy bean sprouts. The portion size of the noodles were adequate but it only came with four plump shrimp.


After my third visit, I was starting to waver on my choice for this new restaurant but I wanted to give them one more shot and returned a few weeks later. As it turned out, they changed their lunch menu (but I was still sat at the same table with bad lighting). This time, I ordered their Phad Ka Phrao Kai Dao ($8.50) which, according to their new menu, was a stir-fry of spicy minced chicken with holy basil, chillies, garlic, bell peppers, and green beans with a fried sunny-side up egg.


What arrived at my table was an epic fail of a fried egg… seriously… where’s the glistening, yellow egg yolk? And green beans? Didn’t see hide nor hair of that either. Honestly, I didn’t even see or taste or smell the holy basil.


I suppose the stir-fry was okay… it had a very slight amount of heat to it but all that I could do was keep thinking about that egg… poor egg! I really wanted to like this place more but everything from the bait-and-switch, poor lighting, and disastrous fried egg turned me off. They do have some potential but I probably wont be back here very soon.

528 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, BC

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