Maui Brewing Co. (Hawaii 2017): Happy Hour Appies

Early this year, Maui Brewing Co. opened up a brewpub right in the heart of Waikiki. We noticed it right away as it was close to the new International Marketplace and they open early at 7am. Since they offer 50% off appies, we made sure to check them out during our visit.

Okay, the first thing that you should know about this place is that it’s actually located at the top of the Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomber. But, since they have a street-level entrance, we didn’t actually realize that. So when the hostesses asked us if we wanted to take the elevator or the stairs, we just figured it was up one flight of stairs… well, after a seemingly countless number of stairs, we finally reached the top of the hotel and were surprised at how massive this bar was.

I originally wanted to try their Maui Brewing Co. Island Root Beer but they were all out! WTF!?! How can you be out of your own product? Instead, we wound up ordering a Watermelon Wave ($7) with watermelon juice, coconut water, lime, and soda as well as an Orange Crush ($7) with orange juice, simple syrup, lemon lime soda, and mint. Actually, these drinks turned out pretty good.


As I was saying, appies are 50% off during happy hour (3:30pm – 5:30pm and 10:30pm to closing) so we wound up getting a few different appies.


The Pub Quick Pickles ($3 regular or $1.50 happy hour) were really good and unlike any pickle dish I’ve had at a pub before. Thinly sliced mango, radish, cucumbers and carrots made up this slightly tart and refreshing offering.


The Crispy Calamari ($14.50 regular or $7.25 happy hour) was served with a spicy sriracha mayo drizzle, pineapple, green onions, lime, and a sweet Thai chili dipping sauce.


The Chicken Wings ($14 regular or $7 happy hour) with huli sauce, crunchy slaw, and lemon-curry vin were quite large and meaty. My only complaint with the wings is that they seemed a bit cold.


As I mentioned, this bar is very large as they pretty much cover the entire roof of the Holiday Inn. I noticed that they had quite a number of wait staff on duty during our visit but most of them seemed to be standing around doing nothing… perhaps they’re still trying to work out the kinks. I also felt that our waitress didn’t seem very happy to be there – she would put on a forced smile when she came by but wasn’t as friendly as most of the other places that we’ve been (considering this is a tourist town). But for half price appies, I’d probably come back again (especially for those pickles).

2300 Kalakaua Ave (on the roof of the Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomber)
Honolulu, HI

Maui Brewing Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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