Chug’s Root Beer Store (Lynnwood): Non-Stop Root Beer

If you’re a fan of root beer (and who isn’t?), you’d be excited to know that there’s a store dedicated to this magic elixir. While the original Root Beer Stores closed up last year, there’s still a reinvented location in Lynnwood called Chug’s Root Beer Store.

The shop is rather small but it’s crammed floor to ceiling with a wide selection of root beer varieties as well as some lesser known flavoured soft drinks. If that doesn’t pique your interest, they also have root beer on tap and you can get root beer floats too.


20170623_122524 20170623_120541

Here’s our stash: Penny Frosted, Frostop, Maine Root, Death Valley, Waialua, Dr. McGillicuddy’s.


We also picked up: Tower, Boylan Grape (to change things up), Bear Wizz, Maine Root Mandarin Orange, Sarnac 1888 Shirley Temple, and Foxon Park Strawberry.


The owner seemed pretty knowledgeable about the various root beer flavours and, while I saw a few flavours that we can get in Canada, there were quite a few that I’ve never seen before. We’re currently rationing our stash out so I can only comment on the flavours that we’ve tried so far (I’ll update this post as we try the other flavours).

  • The Waialua Root Beer is made in Hawaii and has a light, mellow taste with a pleasing sweetness from the cane sugar.
  • The Maine Root Beer is also light in flavour… probably a bit more so than the Waialua. It’s caffeine free and they use organic cane juice as a sweetener to give it a smooth flavour but it’s a bit on the sweeter side.
  • The Tower Root Beer is from the Boston area and also uses cane sugar but I found that it was not very flavourful.
  • The Penny Frosted bottle said that they use real sugar (as opposed to cane sugar) and I agree that it does have a kind of sweet, frosted taste to it.
  • The Saranac Shirley Temple was sweet but didn’t really taste like the Shirley Temples that I’m generally used to.
  • The Frostop Premium Root Beer uses real sugar.
  • The Maine Root Mandarin Orange Soda was actually pretty good and I probably preferred it over their root beer (both of which uses cane sugar).
  • 20015 WA-99
    Lynnwood, WA

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