Happy Day Cafe: Loud and Busy HK Style Cafe

Happy Day Cafe is a relatively new HK style cafe that opened in the former Bino’s location on Kingsway in Vancouver. If you’ve even dined at the Bino’s that used to be here, you can appreciate the renovations that have been put into place for the new establishment.

During our first visit back in April, we found the cafe to be quite busy and were seated at a large shared table with other diners (something that’s very typical with many Chinese restaurants that have large tables that go under utilized).

We started out with an order of Deep Fried Wontons ($6.95) which were delivered hot to our table. While crispy on the outside, these wontons had a shrimp filling that was nice and juicy.


Next up was the Satan Chicken on Spaghetti ($9.95). Honestly, I’m not sure if “Satan” was a typo on the menu or if they really meant to name this dish after the devil. Initially, I thought they named this Satan Chicken because the deep orange sauce looked like it might be super spicy. As it turns out, the sauce wasn’t spicy at all. While the dish was a good portion size, the fried egg was cooked too long so there was no runny yolk.


Two of the dishes that I always enjoy at HK style cafes are the Baked Seafood and Baked Pork Chops on Rice. This dish is the best of both worlds as you get Baked Seafood and Pork Chops on Rice ($10.95) all in one.


Overall, the food quality isn’t the best but they do have a fair sized menu. My biggest complaint about this place is that it is very loud and busy. Servers are constantly carelessly clanking dishes as they clean tables which causes a loud din (as well as the many chips on the plates that they use).

3312 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC


Happy Day Cafe 喜相逢餐廳 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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