Cattle Cafe (Edmonds): Crispy Pork Chops on Ramen

After being located near the corner of Kingsway and Edmonds for a few years, the Cattle Cafe has recently reopened a short distance away on Edmonds (about a block away from Canada Way).

A few months ago, I finally got to stop by and try them out. This location is rather spacious on the inside and it appears to be under utilized. I found that the noise level was quite loud with the kitchen staff yelling at each other. For the life of me, I’m not sure why they put in a pony wall that divides the room since they just reach over the pony wall to drop off your food, utensils and bill (a bit unprofessional if you ask me… just walk around).


Anyhoo, I ordered the Crispy Pork Chops and Sesame Sauce on Ramen ($11.29 + $1.00 for the cold lemon tea). The deep-fried pork chop was nice and crunchy and topped with bonito flakes and slivers of black fungus. There was plenty of tasty ramen in this deconstructed ramen bowl along with some veggies and a soy sauce egg. To be honest, it was a bit difficult to pick up the pork chop with chopsticks. They really needed to cut up the pork chop more or provide a knife and fork.

20170626_122125 20170626_122145

I came back a few weeks later to try their Malay Laksa Soup ($10.99 + $1.00 for the cold lemon tea and + $0.50 for Japanese ramen noodles). Again, this was a pretty solid dish with a creamy and spicy broth as well as melt-in-your-mouth tender sliced beef brisket. The cuttlefish tentacles had a noticeable but pleasant chew.

20170712_114717 20170712_114934


7625 Edmonds St
Burnaby, BC

Cattle Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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