The Keg (Still Creek): Rib Steak and Billy Miner Pie

Say what you will of The Keg (and yes, I’ve had many sketch things happen at various Keg locations), when they get things right, they’re a pretty good steakhouse for the value that you get.

20170315_182810One of the things that I dislike of The Keg (and pretty much all steakhouses in general) is the horrid lighting inside. Yes, I know they all try to keep the lighting low to create some atmosphere and to hide imperfections in how their food appears… but still… I’d love to enjoy a steak dinner in a well-lit restaurant for once (I did enjoy a great steak on the patio of the Keg on Alberni once and it was great).

The Keg is quite popular and always seems to be busy. Inevitably, this also means that it can get quite loud with all of the other diners. Since the restaurant is rather kid-friendly, you’ll also find it difficult to carry out a conversation without raising your voice.

In any case, we wound up eating in the lounge which actually turned out better than I thought because there was a little more light than being stuck in the back of the restaurant.

While we waited for our dinner to arrive, we sipped on a Strawberry Mule and Mango Bellini while noshing on their complimentary bread (please… if anyone at the Keg is reading this… bring back the old sourdough bread!)

The Mushrooms Neptune (mushroom caps stuffed with crab and cream cheese) seemed to be missing something on this visit.


The Sirloin Oscar (sirloin steak topped with shrimp, scallops, asparagus, and Béarnaise sauce).


My go to dish at the Keg is always the Rib Steak, Chicago-style, cooked to medium-rare.

20170315_185501 20170315_185518



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… order the Billy Miner. Seriously. Okay, the Brownie Sundae is pretty good too… but if you have to pick just one, get the Billy Miner!


4510 Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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