Penang Bistro: Solid Malaysian Food

We’ve always been a fan of Malaysian food. That’s why it’s surprising that we’ve never heard of Penang Bistro on Fraser before (on the same block as Earnest Ice Cream). Based on the name, I wasn’t sure if they are related to Penang Delight… but they do seem to share some similarities.

The interior of this bistro has a row of deep booths on one side and individual tables on the other side with bench seating along the wall. If you’re not certain what to order, you can see a rotating display of menu items on the tv hanging from the wall as well as the countless food pictures. One of the things that I like about this place is that most of their menu items have pictures so you can see what they look like before you order it.

20171015_174836 20171015_174242

We ordered a few drinks to start out our meal… the Cool Passion ($4.95) made with orange, passion fruit, and pineapple juice mixed with lemonade as well as the Blackcurrant Sparkler ($4.95) made with blackcurrant, lemon, and soda. I had read that the serving sizes were small here so we ordered a bunch of appies and a few mains… starting with the flaky Roti Canai ($6.95).

20171015_175202 20171015_175055

The Penang Shrimp Roll ($6.95) was really good. It had a filling made with minced pork and shrimp wrapped in a thin beancurd sheet and then deep-fried which gave the wrapping a crisp exterior. The Chicken Satay ($6.95 for 4 skewers) was also a solid hit with tender chicken and a peanut-based dipping sauce.

20171015_175214 20171015_175309

For our first main, we went with the Mee Goreng ($13.45) which is a pan-fried noodle dish with egg, seafood, shredded tofu, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions in a sambal sauce. Good amount of wok heat in this dish.


For our veggie dish, we went with the Malaysia Specialty Vegetables ($14.95) with green beans, eggplant, and okra mixed with dried shrimp and chili. The dish isn’t overly spicy and the veggies had the proper amount of snap to the bite.


Last up for us was the Deluxe Curry Platter ($26.95) which came served in a carved wooden serving tray. It’s a bit on the expensive side but it lets you try their rendang beef, lamb, and chicken all in one dish. I think the beef was the best as it was super tender and quite flavourful but the lamb and chicken were equally tender.


Towards the end of our meal, we noticed that another table had ordered an interesting dish… it was a Malaysian crispy chicken dish where the whole chicken was presented upright. The waitress then proceeded to carve it table side… first presenting the crispy wings and legs to the table and then carving the rest of the golden-hued bird and shredding it to make lettuce wrap.

20171015_181954 20171015_180228

The restaurant filled up pretty quickly after 6pm but there is a separate private dining room behind a barn door off the main entrance. While our meal turned out to be a bit expensive, the food was quite good and we wound up waddling out of the restaurant with leftovers.

3960 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

Penang Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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    Happy New Year 🙂 …i really enjoy your restaurant write ups…look forwarded to reading many more in 2018. Best wishes 🙂

    • Thanks, wasn’t sure if anyone was still reading it. Happy New Year


        ”Thanks, wasn’t sure if anyone was still reading it.”…you kidding? lol….don’t sell yourself short! i love reading food blogs and discovering new restaurants, reading about the positive and negatives, pouring over the food photos and drooling. I notice that you are adding more food photos and more descriptive comments (such as this Penang Bistro review..)…i like that. Your food reviews have improved a lot in the past year or so. Two things i like to suggest to increase web traffic , no offence, just being helpful: I too love dogs, but maybe the dogs at top of your blog should be replaced with photos of food. People can have the attention span of a dead mouse and might gloss over the website thinking ”oh..this must be a dog advice website.” . The other suggestion is if you can somehow link your blog to many more related food blogs. I originally found your blog years ago while reading Sherman’s Food Adventures…then i clicked his other food/restaurant links (ChowTimes) and that took me to your Penny and Rusty blog. For many years i follow your blog and others (sherman, Chow, kirby’s, etc) and check everyday and night to see what is new. The ones that also get my attention are when the blog writer includes recipes, how to’s, food travel adventures in other cities. Keep up the good work, i hope you making a few bucks off it and are around for many more years to come. 🙂

      • Thanks for your support! I’ve actually made a conscious decision not to monetize my blog. I’ve been doing this for a number of years and have thought about stopping on many occasions (for various reasons). I keep doing it for the same reason why I started it years ago… I’m getting older and I’ve got a bad memory. I write my blog mainly so I can remember where I’ve eaten before (so I can avoid the bad restaurants and remember what I’ve had at good restaurants). I tend to like trying new restaurants and it can be difficult remembering where I’ve been before.


    ahhhhhh…..well, do your best and leave the blog as is! 🙂 …i understand your ”decision not to monetize my blog.” comment and whatever makes you happy and works for you. But keep writing, keep posting photos. Metro vancouver is a big ”foodie” city . Guys like me (and females)of all ages are into reading food blogs/restaurant reviews online and we cant get enough of them. As i mentioned, i look forward to reading your food dining adventures, hope to see and read your reviews for maNY years to come 🙂

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