Marusho Suisan (Kuromon Ichiba Market): Osaka 2017

Kuromon Ichiba Market is a popular covered market in Osaka (along the same lines as Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo). For my money, I much preferred Kuromon over Tsukiji but let’s focus on Marusho Suisan for the moment. Now, you’re not going to see an English name for this shop.

Like most of the stalls at Kuromon, unless you can read Japanese, it can be very difficult to find a particular store. This shop is located in the north-east section of the market and was one of the first shops that we came across. From their display, it looked like they specialized in freshly grilled seafood (as you wander further in the market, you’ll see that many of the stores sell very similar items).

20171122_084947 20171122_084554

While we didn’t try the huge grilled shrimp or the popular grilled crab at this store, we did try it at another shop (review forthcoming).

20171122_084533 20171122_084548

What really caught my eye was the grilled unagi (800円) or freshwater eel. You just point at what you want, give them your money, and they’ll toss it on the grill for you.


Seriously one of the best pieces of unagi that I’ve ever had. Buttery soft with a nice coating of unagi glaze. Dreams of this still haunts me.


Remember that you’re not going to find garbage cans so stick close to the shop and give them your used skewer after you’re done and they’ll toss it away for you.

Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nipponbashi, 1 Chome-17-7


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