Cam On (Kitahama): Osaka 2017

After our day trip to Kyoto and a nighttime jaunt around Osaka, we were completely bushed… and famished. That’s when we saw this unassuming Vietnamese restaurant close to our hotel. The interior was actually larger than what you would expect from the exterior.


You’d think that we’d want to stick to eating Japanese food in Japan but this turned out to be a very good meal.

20171123_213055 20171123_213100

First off was the Spring Rolls (800円). These were small spring rolls but so tasty. The rice wrapper was thin and fried to a perfect crisp and encased a yummy filling. We should have ordered more of these.


Next up was the Steamed Crepes (900円) with tender rice crepes topped with ham, sprouts, and deep-fried garlic. The fish sauce added a nice umami taste with each bite.


Last up for our late-night snack was a Pork Skewer (340円). The pork morsels were a bit fatty (which I actually enjoyed) and was served with a spicy peanut sauce which complemented the grilled pork.


While this meal was totally unplanned, we thoroughly enjoyed the food here. Perhaps it was because we were so tired and hungry… either way, I’d want to have more of those crispy spring rolls.

Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Kouraibashi, 2-4-6 (Dai Building 1F)
ベトナムレストランカフェ CAMON~カムオーン~


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