Moomin Bakery & Café: Tokyo 2017

In a crowded city like Tokyo, which has a population of over 13.5 million people, it’s actually quite common for residents to feel alone and isolated. I suppose that’s why places like Moomin Bakery and Café are quite popular. It combines all of the things that Japanese people want (cute Finnish characters and Instagram worthy treats) with things that Japanese people need (staff here will bring large stuffed Moonmin characters to your table to keep you company).

This shop is located in LaQua shopping area near Tokyo Dome and, as it was close to our hotel, a convenient place for us to grab breakfast. We actually came here 3 times on this visit (check out our last visit in 2016).


Sniff and Moominpapa joined us for our first visit.


These Moomin lattés are so cute! This one had a Hattifattener drawn on top. If you have a sweet tooth, try the round chocolate bun – it’s airy and the inside has a ganache-like chocolate lava filling.



Little My was giving us the stink-eye on our second visit while we enjoyed our Moomin latté, Hattifattener pastry filled with a hot dog, almond pastry, and salmon quiche.

20171201_100801 20171201_101130

Snork Maiden joined us for our last visit while Snufkin was drawn on our Moomin latté. I really enjoyed the pastries here as they were so light and flaky.


Tōkyō-to, Bunkyō-ku, Kasuga, 1 Chome-1-1

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  1. Great ambiance and gorgeous looking bread and latte art.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful experience.

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