Kagetsudō Kaminarimon: Tokyo 2017

Ahhh… Melonpans! One of the main reasons for coming to Japan! If you’ve never heard of melonpans before, you couldn’t be blamed for expecting that these oddly shaped buns would taste like melon. But you’d be wrong! 🙂 No, these baked buns earn their name by resembling the shape of melons (kind of like how pineapple buns get their name because they look like pineapples).

In any case, melonpans aren’t completely new to people in Vancouver. There are some places where you can find melonpans back home (notably from Baker and Table) however, nothing is like freshly baked melonpans from Japan.

On our visit to Tokyo last year, we came across the Sakura shop of Asakusa Kagetsudo (they have 6 shops) and enjoyed their melonpan stuffed with matcha ice cream. This year, we headed to their Kaminarimon shop that’s really close to the entrance of the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) that leads to the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa. While there was a bit of a line up, it moved fairly quickly.

20171126_102202 20171126_102545

The melonpan with ice cream (450円) is a very popular item (and difficult to eat since the melonpan is hot and the ice cream is cold). There is a cramped eating area inside the shop – I mention this because they don’t like it if you stand outside the shop while you enjoy your melonpan (they have signs and scolded me for doing it – so I just walked down the block).


Melonpans are known for being soft and fluffy on the inside while having a characteristic crisp cookie-like outer crust. Kagetsudo claims that they allow the proofing stage to last 3 times longer to allow the fermentation process to produce the large and fluffy buns. I’m not sure if that’s true but one thing that I can’t argue with is that these melonpans are truly epic.

1 Chome-18-11 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan


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