Marusho Yakisoba Hongo: Tokyo 2017

On our trip to Japan in 2016, we made the mistake of not having enough yakisoba dishes. This time around, we made sure we had some yakisoba in Osaka and Tokyo. After spending most of the day visiting museums around the Ueno area, we decided to grab some eats at Marusho Yakisoba Hongo as I heard that they specialize in yakisoba.

As with most restaurants in Japan, there’s no English signage. Fortunately, we had our Pocket Wi-Fi with us and I saw a picture of their Japanese signage online. We arrived around mid-afternoon and, to our delight, it wasn’t very busy. Unfortunately, they don’t have an English menu so we had to use our phone to try and translate it. Interestingly, I recalled reading online that they had a number of different types of yakisoba at this restaurant but the menu that we had only showed 3 different types. I’m not sure if that was because of the time of our visit or if it was because we just didn’t speak/read Japanese.

20171130_152208 20171130_145703

We ordered a small order of the Yakisoba with Pork (600円) and added a soft-boiled egg (80円). The egg had a perfectly runny yolk when we popped it and the toothsome noodles had the perfect amount of chew. This was what we were looking for!



We also ordered their Yakisoba with Sea Urchin and Scallops (800円) and I have to say that this was simply amazing. The uni gave the noodles an unbelievable rich and creamy texture.


If you’re looking for pan-fried noodles, this is the place to go.

Tōkyō-to, Bunkyō-ku, Hongō, 3 Chome-42-7
焼きそばのまるしょう 本郷三丁目店


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