Eat Me Thai: Grilled Pork Cheek Salad

Even though “Punjabi Market” is primarily located on Main Street, I’ve often associated the neighbouring area along Fraser St to be part and parcel with it. However, much like how Chinatown is no longer the sole domain of Chinese stores and restaurants, this area of south Fraser St has become more multicultural over time. Eat Me Thai is one such example and is brought to you by the team from Bangkok City Cafe on West 4th.

We’re always looking for a good Thai restaurant and decided to pay them a visit in late January. The shop itself isn’t too big and was busy with a large group when we first arrived.

Our order of Chicken Satay ($7.95) was the first thing to arrive and was accompanied with a very tasty, thick peanut sauce.


Next up was the Tender Grilled Pork Cheek Salad ($9.25) which are marinated, grilled, and seasoned with spices, lime juice, red onions, mint, and cilantro. Pork cheek, if you’ve never had it before, is superbly lean yet tender… something that you don’t normally see in pork. There was an ample amount of meat in this dish and all of the collagen and connective tissue dissolved to produce a melt-in-your-mouth experience.


Our next dish was the Pineapple Fried Rice ($12.50) which we ordered to go along with our Panang Chicken Curry ($12.25). The fried rice, shaped into a dome, was topped with Chinese sausage (which I liked the best), and contained chicken, pineapple, raisins, and cashews with a dash of curry power.


Meanwhile, the curry included green peas and sliced bell peppers in the rich coconut milk. Definitely the kind of dish that you want to soak up the sauce.


Last up, the Pad Thai ($11.25) with chicken, sliced tofu, ground peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions, and egg… as if we didn’t have enough carbs 🙂


I actually thought that the food here was pretty solid and a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

6364 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

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