Coco Cove (Hawaii 2018): It’s Always Time for Poke

Coco Cove is one of the many grocery stores that dot the Waikiki area. Inside, you can find everything from hot prepared foods to frozen ice cream mochi. But the reason why we came here (3 times during our last trip to Waikiki) was because they also have a large selection of poke available within walking distance to our hotel and the beach.

While you can get poke bowls that include rice, we went with straight up poke (cut up pieces of raw fish). First up was the Spicy Ahi ($13.99/lb) and the Fresh Salmon Korean Style ($14.99/lb). The ahi was appropriately named because the creamy sauce was pretty spicy. Meanwhile, the salmon had a pleasantly sweet and mildly spicy sauce.


On our second visit, we tried the Fresh Island Ahi ($17.99/lb) along with the Ahi Limu ($13.99/lb). The difference being that the former uses fresh ahi and the latter uses frozen ahi. In addition, the latter incorporates limu which is a type of algae/seaweed found in Hawaii.


On our third visit, we picked up more of the Fresh Salmon Korean Style in addition to some California Style ($13.99/lb). I really liked the California Style as it incorporated some spiciness but not overwhelmingly so and the creamy sauce went well with the beautiful chunks of ahi tuna.


While perhaps not as great as the poke that you’d find at Ono Seafood or Maguro Brothers, Coco Cove is located right in the heart of Waikiki and they have a good selection.

2284 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, HI

Coco Cove Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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