HealthFare Restaurant: Not So Butter Chicken

I’ve seen the signs every time I go shopping at Market Crossing… “Not So Butter Chicken” available at HealthFare Restaurant. I love me some butter chicken but not so butter chicken? I was curious but never curious enough to try them out until just recently.


HealthFare Restaurant is a little cafe that’s, interestingly enough, located near McDonald’s. I stopped by in early March to try out their Not So Butter Chicken ($13.99) because curiosity got the better of me. The shop itself is airy and bright and my food came out fairly quick.

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Made from a mixture of coconut milk, tomato sauce, onions, and fenugreek, I actually thought the not so butter chicken sauce was pretty good. It’s served with brown rice and grilled whole wheat roti which was also not bad. The thing that really turned me off this dish, however, was the dry chunks of chicken breast. Even mixing it up in the sauce wasn’t enough to save it. If they could find a way to keep the chicken tender, they might have the makings of a good dish.


I decided to give them another shot and came back the following week to try their Classic Tuna Sandwich ($12.99). A bit on the pricey side for a tuna sandwich but let’s take a look and see how it turned out.


The sandwich is served on a grilled bun with flaked white tuna, herbs, mixed greens, sliced tomato and cheddar cheese with a bit of mayo. I was actually surprised at how good this sandwich was. I really liked the crispness created by grilling the bun and the tuna had the right amount of dressing to keep it from being too dry. They also include a couple of wedges of sweet potato. I do admit that this was a pretty good sandwich but I don’t really think it was worth the price point.

7366 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC

HealthFare Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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