Prince Seafood Restaurant: Lobster Sticky Rice

Prince Seafood Restaurant is one of those higher-priced Chinese restaurants that, at first, you wonder how they can justify their prices. It’s been about 4 years since we last visited but I still fondly remember their special beef tenderloin with green beans.

But that’s not why we were here on this occasion. No, this time around, we were looking for some seafood so we started with a small order of the Jellyfish, Seaweed, and Hokkigai ($16.80). Simply prepared with attention to detail in the presentation, the surf clam was my favourite on this plate.


Next up was the Eggplant, Scallop and Egg Tofu Casserole ($22.80). This was a sizable hot pot and I loved the oval egg-shaped tofu which has a thin skin that encases the tender tofu.


Alright, here it is… the main reason for our visit – lobstah! We decided to get the House Special Lobster with Sticky Rice (lobster was $36/lb for our 2.75lb lobster with an extra $15 for the sticky rice). This was unlike any of the other lobster sticky rice dishes that I’ve had at other restaurants. There actually wasn’t a lot of sticky rice in this dish and it was more of a drier style.



Who doesn’t love Crab Claws? Usually, you only get these during special events with large set-course meals. However, you can order crab claws per piece here ($26 for 4). As with most dishes here, the price is a bit high but these were so good.


Last up was an order of Pan-Fried Beef with Gai Lan ($20.80) with superbly tender beef.


Afterwards, they brought out some complimentary mango custard rolls tossed in shredded coconut and almond cookies.


While on the pricier side of things, the food here is quite good and worth the price.

2881 Grandview Hwy
Vancouver, BC

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