Off The Grid Waffles: Well-Made Waffles and Cute Desserts

Off The Grid Waffles has been on my radar since they first opened but, for some reason or another, I’ve never found the time to visit. Located on the busy Kingsway corridor in Vancouver, Off The Grid Waffles is sure to expand your idea of how you eat your waffles.

This store is rather small and they seem to take a while to make your waffle so be prepared to wait if there’s a lot of people here. On the bright side, they have Jenga at the tables to keep you busy while you wait.

We decided to try a few different things from their menu: a savory Pepperoni Waffle, a sweet Strawberry and Kiwi Chocolate Box, and a Mango Shake.

20180421_115958 20180421_115714

The shake itself doesn’t taste very much like mango but there are a few pieces of dried mango that they top it off with. While the waffle in this shake is a bit of an afterthought, you can’t help but appreciate how cute the shake looks and how fun it is to drink.

Our pepperoni waffle pizza had a beautiful cheesy pull when we cut into it and I really enjoyed how this turned out. Their waffles come out with a nice crisp exterior to the bite.


Last up was our strawberry and kiwi chocolate box. They take a regular waffle and cut it up and then top it off with pieces of strawberry, kiwi, and whipped cream and drizzle over chocolate sauce.


Well-made waffles, cute desserts, and an interesting take on the toppings makes Off The Grid Waffles a great place to try out.

2665 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Off The Grid Waffles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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