Dasarang (North Road): Chicken Katsu and Fried Chicken

Dasarang is one of the many Korean restaurants located in the large mini mall off of North Road and Rochester Street. Located on the second floor, Dasarang occupies a fairly large space and has plenty of windows which lets the light in.

While Dasarang is probably better known for their large dishes of Korean-style fried chicken, I decided to try their Chicken Katsu ($10.95) from their lunch menu. While the place was fairly deserted during the lunch hour, my meal took about 15 minutes to arrive at my table. On the plate was a large green salad with thick-cut cucumbers and slices of red pepper topped with an ample amount of thousand island dressing. The thickly-coated chicken cutlet had a substantial crunch to the bite but I found the chicken itself was on the dry side. The chicken was also accompanied by chunks of pineapple and a thin yellow dipping sauce.



The following month, I caved and came back to try their Korean-style fried chicken and ordered the Half and Half ($21.50) which came with both fried chicken in a light batter and yangnyeom chicken with a zesty and sweet sauce. You have the option for bone-in or boneless chicken but I think the bone-in chicken is a bit better (and messier).

20180823_121434 20180823_121615

Honestly, for the price, I still don’t get Korean-style fried chicken. I’d just as soon get chicken from Church’s or LA Chicken.

4501 North Rd, Unit 201
Burnaby, BC

Dasarang Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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