Sushi Yoi: Busy Little Sushi Place

Sushi Yoi is a busy little Japanese restaurant located on Rosser Street in Burnaby, right next to the large grove of Japanese cherry blossom trees (bet this place is a great place to have lunch during the spring).

Having been on my list for quite some time, we finally dropped by for lunch in mid-November and started out with an order of Prawn Tempura ($8.95). Deep-fried to perfection, the prawns were coated in a light and crispy batter.


The Chicken Teriyaki ($9.95) was prepared exactly how we like it – perched on a large bed of bean sprouts and served on a sizzling hot plate. I love when chicken teriyaki has a nice crispness to the skin.


The Sockeye Salmon Oshi ($10.95) was seared which gave it a nice rich, oily, and buttery texture. I like that they don’t use too much rice in their oshi sushi pieces but this also means they’re a bit on the small side.

20181113_112842 20181113_112848

Loved how the Sockeye Salmon Carpaccio ($12.95) was presented. Their sashimi pieces are pretty solid and this dish had a bit of a kick from the jalapeño slices but it was tempered with the mayo drizzle that they use.


Last up on our first visit was the Gommae ($3.95) which is a simple appetizer of boiled spinach with sesame dressing. I think they might have overdone it a bit with the dressing though.


I found myself in the area about a month later and dropped by for lunch again. It was pretty hopping here and it seems like they do a lot of takeout orders as I could see a number of delivery drivers coming by to pick up their orders.

Remembering how good their oshi sushi was, I ordered the Unagi Oshi ($9.95). As previously mentioned, their oshi sushi tends to be on the small side but I do like that they don’t use too much rice. This dish was nice and creamy with just a hint of spiciness.


I also decided to order their BBQ Salmon Kama ($4.95) which is the neck or collar area of the fish. While there’s a bit of work involved with all of the bones, the meat here tends to have a lot of buttery oiliness (which I enjoy). For the price, these were really large pieces.


Oh, and here’s a pic of the cherry blossom grove next door (March 30, 2019).


1815 Rosser Avenue
Burnaby, BC

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