Koa Pancake House: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

After our morning sunrise outing, we headed over to grab some breakfast in the Kaneohe area. Specifically, we were looking for Koa Pancake House. This particular location was a bit difficult to find because it’s in the middle of a semi-industrial area and the signage says “Kaneohe Pancake House” instead of “Koa Pancake House”.


After a bit of searching around, we finally found some parking (there’s really not a lot of parking in this neighbourhood due to all of the businesses) and we headed inside hoping that we found the right restaurant. The interior had an old school vibe going on but not entirely sketchy. The menu is pretty much what you’d expect for a breakfast diner (kind of similar to Eggs ‘n Things).

We wound up ordering a Short Stack of Chocolate Chip Pancakes ($8.95), Turkey Sandwich ($9.50), and Pork Links ($5.95).


These were pretty good pancakes… large and fluffy with lots of chocolate chips in them. The only thing that would have made them better would have been a big helping of whipped cream on top.


46-126 Kahuhipa St
Kaneohe, HI


Koa Pancake House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Unless there is an allergic reaction to chocolate or dairy products, how can any person refuse chocolate chip pancakes otherwise?

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