MeetRice Noodles: Bookshop Noodles

I was intrigued by the new restaurant that recently replaced the old Au Wing Kee on Kingsway in Burnaby… their large picture window allowing me to see the bright and modern interior was a big change.

I finally had the chance to drop by for a visit in February but I had a bit of difficulty when I actually arrived at their door. Tentatively looking in through their door, it almost seemed like I was walking into a book store. I did a double-take and then walked in further where I finally saw the interior of the restaurant. Their front alcove/waiting area really puts out a book store/travel agency vibe.

Their specialty seems to be Chinese rice noodle soups. I wound up ordering the Spicy Beef Rice Noodle lunch special ($12.95). They also have a version that you can order which comes with all of the ingredients in a wooden box where you cook the items yourself in a piping hot bowl of soup. Seems interesting but I wasn’t in the mood to cook myself so I just stuck with the cheaper lunch version.

20190220_115603 20190220_115657

This bowl of rice noodles is fairly large and comes with thin and fatty strips of beef, corn, black and white fungus, veggies, bean curd sheets, luncheon meat slices, a quail egg, couple of pieces of baby shrimp and a fish-shaped fishcake in a tomato-based broth. Contrary to the name, the soup isn’t overly spicy but it does have a bit of spicy/sour flavour to it. I found the ingredients were fairly meh… especially the beef which wasn’t very tender. The best item in this bowl was actually the fish-shaped fishcake.

A fairly standard Chinese noodle soup place that only accepts cash or debit.

5226 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

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