Cafe 106: London Fog and Tuna Melt

Cafe 106 is a smallish cafe on the corner of Royal Oak and Grimmer in Burnaby. When I first came across the name, I briefly wondered if there were 105 other similar cafes somewhere around town but quickly realized that “106” is their unit number.

Although the interior is a bit small, it’s bright and airy from the light streaming through the windows and they have some toe-tapping light jazz playing in the background. I wound up ordering a creamy 12oz London Fog ($4.45) and a Grilled Tuna Melt ($7.55). The tuna melt was on point with a cheesy tuna filling with red peppers and corn on a crisp ciabatta bun.

20190325_114920 20190325_114906

I dropped by for another visit in April and was surprised at how busy it was (as it was fairly quiet during my first drop-in). This time around, I ordered the Basil Pesto Turkey ($7.55) along with a 12oz Hot Chocolate ($4.15) and a Chocolate Chip Banana Bread ($2.80). I was a bit disappointed that my hot chocolate came in a paper cup instead of a mug but I was pleasantly pleased with the banana bread (love the way they made it into a banana shape). There were thin banana slices that were caramelized on the outside which had a nice light crunch to the exterior while the inside was soft and moist. It actually worked well dipping into my hot chocolate.

20190408_112807 20190408_113030

While there was nothing wrong with the turkey melt, I personally think the tuna melt was better. The sandwich had a couple of layers of turkey breast slices, tomato, and cheese on the basil pesto draped grilled ciabatta bun.

Undeterred, I returned for another visit and ordered the Basil Pesto Chicken ($7.55) which is essentially the same as the turkey version but with chicken instead and then paired it with a 12oz London Fog ($4.45) and a chocolate chip cookie for dunking.


Overall, it’s a nice little cafe shop for a quick bite.

#106 – 6588 Royal Oak Ave
Burnaby, BC

Cafe 106 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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