Gold Train II Express: Unabashed Viet Food but Iffy Service

Gold Train II Express is one of the no-nonsense eateries located in the Market Crossing area of Burnaby serving up hearty Vietnamese cuisine. As typical with many Vietnamese eateries, everything is very utilitarian here… meant to get people in and out as quickly as possible.

Looking for a lighter meal, I decided to try their Vegetable and Wonton Yellow Noodle Soup and Vietnamese Spring Roll. I really like the frilly/wavy yellow egg noodles that they use here and I appreciate the crispness that they get in their spring rolls. I’m assuming they use a rice paper wrapper for their spring roll which gives it a much nicer crunch.



I revisited to try their Bun Bo Hue ($10 for large) because I saw that you can substitute the rice vermicelli with the yellow egg noodles that I like so much here. The thing to know about this place is that the food and flavour is really in-your-face. It’s unabashed and no-nonsense… and isn’t that all we want?


The other thing to know about this place is that it can get really busy (especially at lunch time). Due to this, the service here can suffer. Take, for example, my last visit where I ordered the Grilled Chicken with Spring Roll Vermicelli Bowl or Bun Ga Nuong, Cha Gio ($10.50). They wound up giving my lunch to someone else who came in and ordered at least 10 minutes after I ordered.


So if you’re looking for some no-nonsense Viet food and don’t care about the service… Gold Train II Express is a viable option.

#105 – 7515 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC

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  1. Bruno Antonio Ariganello

    when these little things happen to you in all the dine outs you have been to ( such as the lunch order screw up)……anyone ever try to apologize and offer up a free coffee or extra springroll/slice pizza, blah blah? I have had my share of ”non attentive” restaurant service and rarely ever had a server/cashier/manager offer a sincere ”Sorry, have some extra ________ for my mixup!”. Dunno if it’s just indifference , aloof attitude, cheapness or just a way to ignore and not bring anymore unwanted attention and move on to the next customer….

    • Mostly no. They’re usually oblivious to the whole thing. There have been, on rare occasions, times where they admit their mistake and try to make it right. Usually, it’s the more upscale places. Depending on what the issue is, they might take the item off my bill or redo the dish (and I generally mention in my post if they do this). But it’s usually few and far between. To be honest, I try not to send things back unless it’s really outrageously incorrect.

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