Dipped Doughnuts: Vegan Doughnuts by Delivery

A few months ago, I started seeing a lot of posts about vegan doughnuts. Now, I’m not in the least bit vegan but these doughnuts looked real good. Turns out that Dipped Doughnuts is the purveyor of said 100% vegan doughnuts but, to my dismay, they had no storefront for me to drop by and pick up some (they currently work out of a commissary kitchen and offer their wares in select cafes).

Fortunately, they do deliver (for a nominal fee) so I ordered 1/2 dozen different doughnuts ($19 + delivery). Not having these before, I picked an assortment: The Dirty (dipped in vanilla glaze and topped with cookie crumbles and Oreo pieces), the Creamsicle (dipped in a tangy orange glaze and topped with a sweet vanilla swirl), the Lemon Gusher (filled with creamy lemon custard, dipped in vanilla glaze and topped with cinnamon cookie chunks), the Mud Pie (filled with a coconut chocolate pudding and dipped in chocolate glaze and dunked in chocolate cookie crumbs), the Nutty Professor (gluten-free chocolate cake dipped in peanut butter glaze and topped with crushed peanuts and dark chocolate drizzle), and a Raspberry Filled (filled with raspberry jelly and dipped in a vanilla glaze).


Okay, so these doughnuts are HUGE! Seriously, you’ll have trouble taking a bite out of them. And when you do, you’ll be surprised by how much filling in in the filled doughnuts. I swear, the raspberry filled doughnut felt like it was stuffed with half a jar full of raspberry jelly. There is no easy glamorous way to eat these doughnuts… they will get you messed up (in a good way). Aside from the nutty professor (which is gluten-free), the other doughnuts are quite light and airy when you bite into them but they are quite generous with the fillings.

I think my favourites were the raspberry filled (although it was a bit too sweet), the dirty, and the nutty professor. Next time, I might just go for their mini doughnuts instead.

1245 Glen Drive Unit B,
Vancouver, BC


Dipped Doughnuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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