Hong Kong No 1 Chinese Restaurant: Hot Pot Combo

Located in a strip mall on Kingsway, Hong Kong No 1 Chinese Restaurant wasn’t in our initial plans for dinner in early August. Instead, we had planned to go to a nearby restaurant but were turned away because they were all booked up. I recall visiting the former occupant of this particular location (Wei Dao Cafe, I believe) a few years ago and not much has been done to the interior decor. Although something that I did notice right away was their use of a whole menagerie of different chairs for their large tables.

The menu here was quite confusing for us… they have a number of different combos but trying to figure out what to order took us a very long time. We eventually wound up ordering a 2 dish combo for $34.80 plus a $2 up-charge for one of the dishes in our combo.

In addition to the 2 bowls of rice, the combo comes with a complimentary bowl of soup made up of bone-in pork and chicken feet as well as papaya and carrot (which gives it a noticeably sweet flavour). I found the soup (and pretty much all of there dishes here) were a bit heavy-handed with the salt for my liking.

20190803_175947 (Custom)

The Soya Sauce Halibut Tofu Hot Pot had plenty of meaty halibut but I would have preferred a more tender black cod version.

20190803_180833 (Custom)

I actually preferred the Beef Brisket and Rice Roll Hot Pot more (although it was a bit saltier). The beef brisket was nice and tender and the rice rolls were quite good.

20190803_181408 (Custom)

Both hot pot dishes were quite large in portion size. Overall, the food was okay but a bit too salty for my liking.

5595 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


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