Royal Seafood Restaurant: 2nd Floor Dim Sum

There are lots of different dim sum restaurants across town but we like to try different places – which explains how we wound up at Royal Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. It’s located on the 2nd floor of the Garden City Shopping Centre mini mall located at the corner of Blundell and Garden City Road.

When we arrived on an early Sunday morning, there were plenty of tables available but they did fill later on (still not a huge line-up tho’). Most items that we tried on this visit were $7.45 (except for the dessert dish that turned out to be $4.35).

The first dish to arrive was the Spicy Beef Tripe. The honeycomb tripe was fairly tender but we didn’t notice the spiciness until afterwards when the chili sauce hits the back of your throat.

20190804_103453 (Custom)

Next was the steamed Shrimp and Pea Tips dumplings which is a nice departure from the regular har gow.

20190804_103501 (Custom)

I found that the Beef Rice Rolls were a bit basic but satisfying.

20190804_103833 (Custom)

For dessert, we ordered the Mango Pudding – which was a fairly firm incarnation. The presentation could use a bit of an upgrade from the 4 blocks of pudding that we received (a very utilitarian display).

20190804_104412 (Custom)

The last dish to arrive at our table was the Baked BBQ Pork Buns with a pineapple crust topping. These came out freshly baked and had a soft and warm bbq pork filling. The cute turtle shape didn’t detract me from eating it.

20190804_104449 (Custom)

Overall, most of the dim sum dishes here were pretty good so we decided to return for a visit in late September to try more of their dim sum dishes. The Deep Fried Shrimp Spring Rolls (L) came out hot and had a nice crispy bite to them.

20190928_094953 (Custom)

As if we didn’t need more fried foods, we ordered the Deep-Fried Silver Thread Buns. I felt like these came out a bit dense and not as light and airy as it should be on the inside.

20190928_095344 (Custom)

Next were the Chicken Feet in Spicy Sauce (M)

20190928_095737 (Custom)

Followed by the Coconut Osmanthus Pudding (S). I really like how this came out (a bit more decorative appeal compared to their mango pudding). Actually, I really liked this – especially mixing the flavours together in one bite.

20190928_100443 (Custom)

But we weren’t done yet… We also ordered the Special Rice Roll with Fish Paste and Bean Curd. It’s funny because I’ve only just started noticing this rice roll dish being served at more dim sum places recently. While the fish paste filling in the middle was quite nice, I thought the bean curd wrap that encased it wasn’t crispy enough.

20190928_100554 (Custom)

Lastly, we finished things off with an order of Steamed Beef Balls. These were a bit basic and lacking in flavour.

20190928_100850 (Custom)

200-8040 Garden City Road (Garden City Shopping Centre)
Richmond, BC

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  1. I love that special rice roll with fish paste! Best version I’ve had was at the now-defunct Kirin on Cambie. Glad to hear you are seeing it more often.

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