Sapporo Kitchen (Surrey): Lunch Specials

Just on the outskirts of White Rock is a little shopping centre called Semiahmoo Shopping Centre. When we visited in early September, it looked like they were doing a bunch of renovations in the mall but we were really here to try out Sapporo Kitchen (a Japanese restaurant located outside the shopping centre).

We ordered the Semiahmoo Set ($15.95 lunch special) and the Leo Set ($15.95 lunch special) and then enhanced our meal with an order of Oyster Motoyaki ($9.95).

20190906_141803 (Custom)

The Semiahmoo Set includes unagi don, edamame, tempura, and seafood udon. The udon here was quite good and I enjoyed the tender and slippery noodles.

20190906_141658 (Custom)

The Leo Set includes 10pc sashimi (wild salmon, tuna, hokkigai, tai, and tako), beef teriyaki, California roll, ebi sunomono, and tempura. The sashimi was quite fresh and I thought this was a good value for the quality and quantity of food you get.

20190906_141736 (Custom)

I was a bit surprised that the Oyster Motoyaki was prepared and served on a ceramic escargot baking dish (used to having this served in the shell – but I know there are some concerns about the cleanliness of the shells). It’s difficult to see the oysters in the picture but they’re there… under all that creamy sauce and mixed in with onions and corn. It was an okay dish.

20190906_141745 (Custom)

Overall, I was very impressed by their lunch specials as they come with a good variety of items and they’re all prepared quite well.

1625 152 St (Semiahmoo Shopping Centre)
Surrey, BC

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