Sumi Korean Restaurant: Combos and Heavy Menus

Recently, I noticed a relatively new Korean restaurant open up on Victoria Drive called Sumi Korean Restaurant. The interior is a bit confusing because they appear to have two sides to the restaurant separated by a wall (assuming they took over an adjoining unit but never bothered to fully take down the wall).

The first thing that I noticed here was when they handed us the menus… these menus are uncomfortably heavy. I know it really doesn’t affect the enjoyment of dining here… just making an observation.

We decided to order the Combo A ($52) as it came with an assortment of dishes: House Salad, Goonmandu, Haemul Pajeon, Soontofudubu, Spicy Daeji Bulgogi, and the regular assortment of banchan.

20190914_120329 (Custom)

First up was the house salad which was topped with some crispy sticks.

20190914_115644 (Custom)

The goonmandu, or fried golden dumplings, were nice and crispy on the exterior but with a moist filling.

20190914_115841 (Custom)

The haemul pajeon, or seafood pancake, needed a bit more crispness to the middle as I found it to be a bit soggy. However, it did have a nice amount of shrimp and octopus and we were able to crisp up the leftovers that we brought home.

20190914_120045 (Custom)

We picked the spicy tofu soup as our soup option and this had a nice amount of tender tofu in a medium-spiced broth. When I say “medium-spiced” I mean “medium” for Korean standards as this was fairly spicy.

20190914_120209 (Custom)

The banchan included seaweed, sprouts, pickled radish, kimchi and stewed potato chunks.

20190914_120220 (Custom)

Last up was the daeji bulgogi which is made up of thinly sliced pork bulgogi. I found the pork wasn’t as tender as the chicken version that we normally order. I’ll have to remember to stick with chicken next time.

20190914_120320 (Custom)

Overall, the food is pretty good. As expected with a Korean restaurant, the prices tend to be a bit high as the dishes are meant to be shared family-style.

5628 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

Sumi Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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