Ramie’s Greek Restaurant: Moussaka and Ouzo Mushroom Chicken

Ramie’s Greek Restaurant is a well-established restaurant on Kingsway that we’ve visited on a number of occasions. Usually, we wind up ordering one of their special platters for take-out (really a good option if you’re looking to try a bunch of different items). However, we came here for dine-in service in September for an impromptu date night.

Instead of their platters, we just opted for their regular menu and ordered the Moussaka ($17.95) and Ouzo Mushroom Chicken ($18.95 + $3 to sub for lasagna and Caesar salad). Before our main dishes came out, they brought out some freshly made pita bread. Why does pita bread taste so good when it’s fresh and then like cardboard 5 minutes later?

The moussaka is always a favourite for us when we come here and made with eggplant, zucchini, and bechamel sauce. They also include rice, potato, veggies, and a greek salad to boot.

20190904_182754 (Custom)

I’ve never had the ouzo mushroom chicken here before and I was surprised at the size of the lasagna that this came with. The chicken was quite tender and smothered by a nice sauce.

20190904_182846 (Custom)

On a subsequent visit, I decided to finally try their Greek Ribs. Being used to the more common bbq-style ribs, I found the Greek-style ribs here to be drier and not as fall-off-the-bone tender that I would have liked. Still, the ribs were fairly flavourful.

20200110_194617 (Custom)

If you’re looking for Greek food in Burnaby, make sure you check out Ramie’s.

4287 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC


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