Hong Mao Seafood Restaurant: Loud Din Dim Sum

Hong Mao is a Chinese restaurant located next to the Yaohan Centre on No. 3 Road in Richmond. They have a rather strange interior with an unexpectedly huge waiting area in the front, and 2 different sections of the restaurant that have varying ceiling heights. I imagine the somewhat cavernous section is the reason why this restaurant is so loud. I mean, even for a typical Chinese restaurant, this place seemed loud!

While there was a small number of parties waiting to be seated for dim sum, they took us in right away (benefits of only needing a small table for 2). The Siu Mai ($8.80) was the first dish to arrive and had ample amounts of plump pork and shrimp filling.

20190902_112754 (Custom)

While I thought the Seafood Efu Noodles ($22.80) were a bit pricey given the relatively small size, it was still a tasty dish. There’s something about how easy it is to eat these noodles that’s so pleasing.

20190902_112956 (Custom)

The Chinese Donut Rice Rolls ($8.80) was prepared a bit different than we’re accustomed to. In this case, the dried pork floss was served inside the rice wrapper (which also had green onions and dried shrimp embedded in it). The only downside to this dish is that I thought they cut the pieces a bit too big.

20190902_113112 (Custom)

The visually similar Fish Paste Rice Roll ($8.80) was next and was very enjoyable. Inside the smooth rice roll was a tasty fish paste filling encased in crispy tofu.

20190902_114558 (Custom)

The Chicken Feet with Special Sauce ($7.80) were quite large and fall-off-the-bone tender.

20190902_114606 (Custom)

Last up was the Steamed Beef Balls with watercress, cilantro, and water chestnuts ($7.80). Again, another well prepared dish.

20190902_114833 (Custom)

If you don’t mind the difficulty finding parking, the loud din, and the somewhat higher priced dishes, the food is actually quite good. I also liked the pretty bird plates that they use here (but I can do without those chairs with that curved mould that made it difficult to sit). Note that there was a 12% discount for dim sum when we went.

100-3600 No 3 Rd
Richmond, BC

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