Fortune Terrace Chinese Cuisine: Fancy Dim Sum

Fortune Terrace is one of the many Chinese restaurants that you can find in Richmond. The thing that really sticks out in my mind whenever we visit this place is the humongous digital screen which takes up a whole wall. Seriously, I need one of these tvs for my home.

20191108_101210 (Custom) 20191108_103741 (Custom)

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We showed up for dim sum service in early November and found that they weren’t too busy. It might be because their prices tend to be a bit on the high side (but we did get 12% off for our dim sum meal).

First off is the Beef Tripe in XO Sauce ($8.80). There’s plenty of tender honeycomb tripe in this dish and the spicy XO sauce that they use is really good.

20191108_103958 (Custom)

Next up is the Chicken Feet in Supreme Sauce ($7.80). The 5 pieces of chicken feet were quite tender and easy to suck the skin and gelatinous stuff off the bone.

20191108_104009 (Custom)

One of the dishes that looked impressive was the Sweetheart Red Bean Rose ($7.80) but I felt that it needed more red bean filling on the inside.

20191108_104028 (Custom)

The Truffle Siu Mai ($8.80) were small dumplings with the faintest aroma of truffle but turned out tasty.

20191108_104313 (Custom)

The last dish on our first visit was the Truffle Lobster Crispy Rice Roll ($9.80) which had a greenish crispy layer inside the red rice roll which encased the lobster. Again, just the faintest hint of truffle aroma in this dish.

20191108_104342 (Custom)

On our next visit here, we were seated right up against the huge tv screen (which really isn’t the most ideal place to soak in the atmosphere).

20191129_114522 (Custom)

We remembered that we really enjoyed the tripe so we did a reorder of the Beef Tripe in XO Sauce ($8.80).

20191129_114206 (Custom)

Next up was the Scallop Tofu Dumpling ($8.80) which turned out nicely with these green dumplings that had a mochi-like chewy wrapper that encased the scallop and tofu filling.

20191129_114329 (Custom)

The Ground Beef Rice Rolls ($9.80) seemed a bit on the expensive side of things. It was an okay dish and probably larger than some of the beef rice roll dishes at other restaurants but not sure if this is worth the price.

20191129_114452 (Custom)

We ordered the Beef Brisket Hot Pot ($18.80) kind of expecting a different dish. Guess this is one of those times when the English menu translation doesn’t work well. In addition to the beef brisket, there was plenty of tendon and tripe which were swimming in the simple but flavourful broth.

20191129_114100 (Custom)

The Rabbit Coconut Cakes ($7.80) has a very subtle coconut flavour (which suited us just fine). Probably wouldn’t order this again but it is a cute dish.

20191129_114033 (Custom)

The dessert that really impressed us was the Matcha Black Sesame Flowering Pear ($8.80) which had a warm black sesame filling that oozed out of the crisp skin when you bit into it. If you’re gonna order a dessert dish here, make sure it’s this one.

20191129_113738 (Custom)

20191129_114127 (Custom)

Overall, most dishes here were pretty good. Well worth the visit just for the matcha black sesame pears.

6200 River Rd #130
Richmond, BC

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