Peppers Grill: Mexican and BBQ Fusion

Peppers Grill is a newish take-out spot located at the corner of Edmonds and Canada Way in Burnaby that specializes in BBQ and Mexican food. While there are a few seats here where you can dine-in, everything seems to be geared towards take-out orders and they’ll still serve your dine-in order in take-out containers complete with pre-packaged disposable utensils and napkins. In today’s age, I would expect a bit more concern with the environment (they don’t even recycle the pop cans that you buy here – everything just goes in the trash).

In any case, when I first walked inside this spartan establishment, I was a bit confused as I couldn’t really tell what kind of food place this was. There was one older gentlemen sitting behind the small front counter where you place your order (it almost felt like this was the front for some type of other business). Thankfully, they did serve food here and he went on to explain that they serve a mix of Mexican and BBQ.

I wound up ordering their Super Special with Brisket, Ribs, Pulled Pork ($14.99) which comes with 2 sides (I opted for coleslaw and corn) and garlic bread. For the price, it’s not bad. I did quite enjoy the bbq as the brisket, pulled pork and fall-off-the-bone ribs were all tender. The bbq sauce is on the sweet side for my preferences and I felt the coleslaw and corn were just meh.

20191120_114146 (Custom)

It was decent enough for me to want to come back for a revisit so I stopped by in the beginning of December to try their Lamb Tacos ($11.99) which is served with rice and beans. Honestly, this was a mess… the rice was so mushy – they shouldn’t even serve this. As for the tacos, I felt the slices of lamb were dry and tough to chew through. Overall, not a worthwhile encounter this time around.

20191203_114554 (Custom) 20191203_114703 (Custom)

I was planning on revisiting to give them another chance but I was a bit turned off with the use of styrofoam when dining in and the lack of recycling options.

7235 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC

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