Marcello Pizzeria: Pasta was Good, but…

If you’ve been reading my posts long enough, you’ll probably know that I call ’em as I see ’em… I try to be as fair as possible and I’m fully aware that one visit isn’t always representative of the restaurant on a regular basis. With that being said, there are times (more often than I’d prefer) when a series of events takes place and I just can’t get it out of my mind… such was the case of our visit to Marcello Pizzeria on “The Drive”.

It was a cold and windy late November evening when we visited Marcello for a family dinner. The first unfortunate event on this night was realizing that they would not seat us until our whole party had arrived (and if you’ve ever planned a group dinner before… you know how it’s next to impossible for everyone to show up at the same time). Now, I understand that a busy restaurant doesn’t want to waste seating… but we had at least 3/4 of our group there before our reservation time. I could see our reserved table in the back was just waiting for us. Yet they made us wait at the cramped foyer with the door continually opening and closing as patrons came and went (and let me say that the freezing temp outside wasn’t helping us any).

Eventually, we were finally seated at our reserved table. The seating was a bit squished as they tried to fit as many people into the table as possible. The rectangular tables are arranged in rows so you can split up tables if necessary or put them all together to form one big long table. Instead of extending our table with the empty table at the end of the row, they made some of us sit at the ends of the table. The fact that it seemed like they had plenty of extra empty tables didn’t seem to bother them. Now, having to sit at the head of a long table isn’t such a big thing in the grand scheme of things. However, the issue that I had was that the location of our table was near a pillar that partially obstructed the walking path between our table and the kitchen. Add to the fact that it seemed like the servers were continually congregating between the pillar and the kitchen, it forced anyone that was trying to get to the back of the restaurant to try and squeeze by my seat and the pillar. Needless to say, there were countless chair bumps all through the night as servers and patrons alike tried to squeeze their way past me.

With that rant done, let’s move onto the food. We decided to order the Contadina pizza (after all, this is a pizzeria). This is a thin-crust pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, salami, green peppers, and mushrooms. I was a bit surprised at how slow it was for the pizza to come out. I did notice that there was a congregation of waitresses standing near the kitchen with pizzas that had just come out of the oven – it seemed a bit odd to me that they’d just let the pizzas sit there for such a long period of time. I can only assume that they were waiting for the pizzas to cool down before serving them?

20191122_191146 (Custom)

Personally, I thought the crust on the pizza was too soggy for my liking (almost like the pizza was just sitting for too long before being served… go figure).

20191122_191241 (Custom)

The best part of our meal was probably the pasta dishes. The Tagliatelle ai Fruitti di Mare ($22.95) is a mix of seafood.

20191122_191155 (Custom)

My fav was the Linguine Carbonara ($17.95) – a simple dish of toothsome egg noodles with pancetta, creamy, and egg.

20191122_191609 (Custom)

So, overall, not exactly my favourite experience. If you’re coming here, I’d say to stick with their pasta dishes.

1404 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC

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