Shun Fa Noodle House: Super Slow and Forgettable Service

Shun Fa Noodle House is a fairly forgettable place located on Victoria Drive (close to Mui Garden). I had to actually dig deep into my notes to help me remember anything about this place (yes, I keep notes about the places that I visit).

As the name may suggest, this is a noodle house… so we wound up ordering their Noodle Combo ($12) which allows you to customize your bowl of noodles. We picked the Malay Laksa Udon with sliced rib eye and fish tofu plus the Tom Yum Vermicelli with shrimp and tofu puff.

On the plus side, the bowls here are rather large so your meal ends up being pretty filling. I thought the fish tofu was quite good and the laksa broth was noticeably spicy.

20191208_122914 (Custom)

Meanwhile, the tom yum broth was reasonably tangy but I found the rice noodles were a bit too broken up (making it a bit difficult to pick up).

20191208_122927 (Custom)

About 15 minutes later, our Deep Fried Buns with condensed milk ($3.30) arrived. I thought the exterior could have used a bit more crisping up.

20191208_124444 (Custom)

The one thing that stood out to me about this place was the super slow service and the inability to catch the attention of the servers. They had stuck us in a corner table near the front with no line-of-sight so nobody checked in on us and we had difficulty flagging someone for our food/bill. Your meal is supposed to include your choice of dessert however, after another 30 minutes had passed, we had to go to the front counter to hunt someone down to get our dessert and bill. At this point, we weren’t going to squabble that they brought us out the wrong dessert (this was the warm tofu dessert).

20191208_131056 (Custom)

So if you don’t mind super slow and lackluster service (even for an Asian place), you might be okay here.

5763 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

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  1. Just found your blog. Like your review and style. Will be back.

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