Sapperton District Taphouse: Gastropub Eats

Driving through the historic Sapperton area of New Westminster one day, I noticed Sapperton District Taphouse and made a mental note to visit them one day when I had the chance.

I like that they have some hightop tables located in the front with the big window as it lets light in. The first dish I ordered here was the Brisket Mac & Cheese ($14). This is an extraordinarily cheesy dish with super tender beer-braised beef brisket. While they use rotini as opposed to macaroni, it does help to pick up some of that cheese. And you’ll find yourself getting some of that cheesy pull hitting your chin if you eat like me.

20191029_120640 (Custom) 20191029_120755 (Custom)

On my next visit, I tried their German Schnitzel ($18). I found the schnitzel was a bit dry (perhaps overcooked a bit?) and the martini vermouth sauce was a bit more runnier than I would have preferred (I usually like a creamier sauce with my schnitzel). Aside from that, the meal was pretty good and the fries turned out perfectly crisp.

20191113_115350 (Custom)

In late November, I came back and ordered the Great Sapper ($16) which is an homage to the area. Kind of like a burger/sandwich hybrid, you get an Angus beef burger with bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, fried onions, lettuce, tomato, and dill pickle all layered between two thick slices of Texas toast. Yes, this was a mess to eat but it was well worth the mess. While I found the burger patty to be a bit dry, it was quite meaty and I liked the crispness of the bacon. The accompaniment of more of their crispy fries completes the meal.

20191128_123019 (Custom) 20191128_123233 (Custom)

On my next visit, I was feeling like having a lighter meal so I picked one of their salads… the Caesarmari Salad ($15) and realized that this is really a big bowl. To be honest, there’s not a huge portion of calamari here (which is probably for the best)… more like a small appy size portion of crispy calamari along with the salad portion which was made up of romaine, feta cheese, Caesar dressing and chopped bacon (although I felt the bacon bits seemed a bit too artificial). Aside from the bacon bits, this was a nice, crisp salad but if you’re in the mood for a traditional Caesar salad… this isn’t it.

20200127_114506 (Custom)

On my next visit, I wound up ordering the Jambalaya Rice Bowl ($16) just because the original dish I wanted to order wasn’t available. Served with 2 skewers of shrimp, I found this jambalaya to be rather spicy (probably from the added Sriracha sauce) with a pleasantly creamy serving of rice, sausage, chicken, peppers, and onions. The shrimp, while originally appearing to be lacking a noticeable char colour to the exterior, actually turned out to be cooked perfectly as they were plump and had a nice snap to the bite. Definitely a filling dish.

20200211_114801 (Custom)

Overall, the food is pretty good here and service is friendly. I also like they playlist that they have rocking out during the lunch hour.

421 E Columbia St
New Westminster, BC

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  1. That brisket mac & cheese omg looks amazing!

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