Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant: Korean BBQ with Lots of Banchan

Back in early March, before the whole coronapocalypse shut down all of the dine-in eating at restaurants, we dropped by Kook Korean BBQ on East 1st. It wasn’t very surprising that the restaurant was pretty quiet when we visited… but that suited us perfectly.

We decided to order their Combo A ($58.95) and add an order of Japchae ($17.95). The thing that I liked about this place is that you can have your BBQ prepared in the kitchen for you in case you don’t really feel like doing the BBQ yourself. The thing that’s really impressive here is the number of banchan dishes that comes with your meal.

20200301_115104 (Custom) 20200301_121048 (Custom)

Combo A comes with prime beef rib, spicy pork, chicken, and bulgogi beef… all of which were tasty but my fav were the beef ribs.

20200301_121025 (Custom) 20200301_115904 (Custom)

It was a bit difficult to tell what all the banchan dishes were but I think they included pasta salad, mung bean jelly, baby bok choy, seaweed, kimchi, pickled radish, boiled egg slices, potato salad, beans, jalapeno slices, garlic, broccoli, bean sprouts, potatoes, and salad.

20200301_115947 (Custom) 20200301_115955 (Custom)

20200301_120007 (Custom) 20200301_120014 (Custom)

The combo also comes with soft tofu soup with a raw egg that cooks in the hot soup.

20200301_120357 (Custom)

20200301_121106 (Custom)

20200301_121116 (Custom)

The food here is seriously good and you’re not going to go home feeling hungry. While some of the banchan dishes seemed like a bit of a stretch (almost as if they were just trying to get enough small dishes to completely encircle the bbq grill), it was nice to have the colourful variety of items.

2800 E 1st Ave #211A
Vancouver, BC


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