Agra Tandoori Restaurant: Butter Chicken, Vindaloo, and Fish Curry

A little while ago, I noticed a new spot called Agra Tandoori open up next to Pokerrito in the Market Crossing area of Burnaby. It’s a tiny shop that, you guessed it, serves up East Indian cuisine.

On my first visit, I decided to try a staple that many westerners associate with Indian food… namely Butter Chicken. Instead of coming with rice, I ordered the Butter Chicken with Naan ($12.95) and added the Mango Lassi ($3.75) – which is a yogurt-based drink. I thought the butter chicken here was quite good and they give you a generous serving size for lunch. There’s plenty of sauce so if you like to sop up all that buttery goodness, it might be a good idea to get some rice with it. That being said, the naan was good too and had a soft and fluffy interior with a crisp exterior that made for a pleasant chew. Heat-wise, they let you specify the level of spiciness for your dish and I found that “medium” worked out with the cooling tartness of the lassi helping to ease the heat.

20191217_114608 (Custom)

On my second visit, I opted for the Lamb Sheesh Kabob with Naan ($13.95) prepared with minced lamb formed into a skewer shape and mixed with onions and served with chutney. It’s a fairly meaty dish and the chutney here is really the key to offset the somewhat dryness of the dish.

20191224_115802 (Custom)

Now, I’ve always held a soft spot in my heart for a good vindaloo (must have been all those late nights watching Red Dwarf). The Chicken Vinadaloo ($13.95) that I ordered here had plenty of thick and meaty chicken pieces. While the medium spice level isn’t very spicy, the sauce is tasty and goes well with rice. So instead of ordering this with naan, I opted for Pulao Rice ($4.50) instead, which consisted of long grain basmati rice with peas. Overall, I found the chicken to be a little too meaty and dry for my liking.

20200122_114241 (Custom)

On my last visit, I tried the Bombay Fish Curry ($12.95) which had very tender white fish that absorbed the flavour of the curry.

20200210_115227 (Custom)

In all, I found that the flavours here were pretty good. They do offer take-out so make sure to pay them a visit and support your local business.

7366 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC V5J 5C8

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  1. Nice review 🙂 . I have been going to this Agra Tandoori for over a decade, mostly for take out. Friendly staff, in person and over the phone.
    The portions and prices per dishes is fair. Some indian restaurants ask $15-$18 for a curry meat dish or a meat/vegetable biriyani dish. Agri thankfully much more reasonable and charges $13-14 for the same dishes and they are consistent with the quality, not amazing, but good tasty and always content i ordered from them.
    Only criticism i have is the $4.95 for two samosas. Some places are even more of a rip off when it comes to samosas. One place i found online was asking $4-$5 per samosa!
    Or you can can do what i do: Drive out to Surrey. Samosa King and Golden Samosa have a huge variety of all sorts of samosas, some start at 85 CENTS each. Buy $20 worth, stuff your face with 3 or 4 and freeze the rest . Reheat a few to go along with your Indian takeout food. 🙂

    • Been years since I had a samosa. I find that I actually like the smaller samosas that they have at Safari Snack House on Canada Way (something like $7 for 3 so not cheap). Not like the usual indian samosa (think it’s more eastern african variety)… it definitely won’t fill you up but it’s so tasty and I could easily put away 6 in one sitting.

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