Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant: Tasty Dim Sum in Richmond

Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant is located on the busy corner of Alderbridge and Garden City Road in Richmond – and I’ve got to say, they have a really confounding parking lot – I kept driving around trying how to find how to get into the parking lot before figuring out I had to enter from the backside (that’s why she said).

When we finally managed to get into the restaurant, I didn’t start off with high hopes because the place seemed small and the tablecloths seemed to have seen better days. Thankfully, the food actually turned out better than I expected.

The Steamed BBQ Pork Buns ($6.98) weren’t very saucy on the inside but the bbq pork filling was nice and tender (with some fatty bits too). The Stuffed Eggplant came out nicely with a light and crisp exterior but with the eggplant turning out nice and tender.

20200223_113523 (Custom) 20200223_113631 (Custom)

We also ordered the Rice Rolls with Crispy Bean Curd and Fish Paste ($7.88). Is it me or am I seeing this dish pop up in more places now? This turned out really good with tender fish paste and a very subtle crisp to the bean curd sheet. The Beef Balls with Tangerine Peel ($6.88) turned out pretty good too.

20200223_113809 (Custom) 20200223_114459 (Custom)

We originally wanted to order their country style vermicelli but they said that they were having a special on crab for the same price so we did that instead. Let me tell you, this Crab with Country Style Vermicelli ($19.88) is a pretty good price. Sure, the crab is on the smaller side but this dish was very flavourful and the crab was super fresh. I could literally suck the meat out of the shells without using a cracker. Speaking of which, they didn’t give us a crab cracker (or wet napkins). We went with the ginger and green onion sauce and it was perfection. And bonus that the innards under the shell were good as well.

20200223_113954 (Custom)

We finished off our dim sum with the Truffle Siu Mai ($7.88) which turned out nicely as well with relatively large and plump dumplings.

20200223_120730 (Custom)

Overall, most of the food dishes here were really on point.

4751 Garden City Rd #150 (Garden City Plaza)
Richmond, BC

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