Z&W Shanghai Kitchen: Mui Choy Kau Yuk and Xiao Long Bao

In mid-March, right before the whole coronapocalypse closed up all of the restaurants in town (other than take-out), we dropped by Z&W Shanghai Kitchen on West Broadway, near Arbutus. For the longest time, this location used to be the home of an all-you-can-eat Japanese place. Upon walking inside, we immediately noticed the improvements to the decor… including the elegantly adorned wall.

20200314_120424 (Custom)

As dine-in eating had slowed down in the weeks leading up to our visit, this place wasn’t too busy at all. Perhaps that’s why the food came out so quickly after we ordered it.

20200314_121627 (Custom)

Being a Shanghainese restaurant, we decided to start off with Hot and Sour Soup ($5.98) and then move over into the Xiao Long Bao ($8.98). The shrimp in the hot and sour soup was soooo good… plump and not overcooked at all.

20200314_121252 (Custom) 20200314_121423 (Custom)

Next up was the Coconut Chicken Fried Rice ($15.98) which came in an overflowing half pineapple. This was the perfect accompaniment to the next two dishes that we ordered.

20200314_121459 (Custom)

We don’t eat Mapo Tofu ($10.98) that often but, every now and again, we get a craving for it. This was a good dish with a nice spice level… a nice heat level but not numbingly spicy.

20200314_121632 (Custom)

Last up was the Mui Choy Kau Yuk ($25.98) or fatty pork belly with preserved mustard greens. We love ordering this dish but it’s sometimes difficult to find. We liked how the pork was thinly sliced and mostly tender (some places serve the pieces a bit too thick and it winds up not being as melt-in-your-mouth as it should be).

20200314_121646 (Custom)

Overall, pretty good Shanghainese restaurant.

2126 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC


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