Chicko Chicken (Edmonds): Korean Fried Chicken

Chicko Chicken is a franchise that specializes in Korean fried chicken. Recently, I noticed a small sliver of a storefront open up on Edmonds Street in Burnaby. The thing that caught my eye was that there wasn’t a door to get into the place! As it turns out, the shop’s entrance is actually located in the back parking lot… talk about a hole-in-the-wall!

20200909_113543 (Custom) 20200909_113829 (Custom)

Your best bet is to put your order in via their app as it takes a while for your chicken to be prepped. I opted for their Half and Half ($24) with a mix of their original and soy garlic chicken (my order also came with pickled radish and a can of pop). In all honesty, both versions were similar in flavour. The good thing is that they know how to make chicken. The outside had a nice crisp to it while the meat on the inside was tender and juicy.

20200909_114524 (Custom)

20200909_114845 (Custom) 20200909_114812 (Custom) 20200909_115036 (Custom)

The following week, I decided to try their Padak Padak ($14 for half order) which is their sweet soy-mustard sauce chicken topped off with green onions curls and added a side of their Shake Shake Fries ($3) with cheese seasoning. I’m sure some people like the cheese seasoning on their fries but it didn’t do too much for me.

20200916_113058 (Custom)

On the good side, the chicken is just as tender and juicy on the inside as on my last visit. However, there’s not much variety here in terms of flavour. Overall, if you like crispy Korean fried chicken that’s tender on the inside, you’ll probably like this place. But you might get bored with the limited variety.

7343 Edmonds St
Burnaby, BC

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