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Peaked Pies (Burnaby Heights): Aussie Pies!

The first time we tried Peaked Pies was in Whistler many moons ago. Since that time, they’ve actually opened a couple of shops in the Vancouver area. It was at their most recent location in the Burnaby Heights area of Hastings Street that we recently visited in July. This location is quite pretty and spacious (especially compared to the tiny shop that we first visited in Whistler).
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Peaked Pies (Whistler 2018): Aussie Meat Pies

The thing that we noticed about Whistler (especially this year) was the large contingent of Aussies in the village… both visiting and also working in the various retail shops. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, to find a place like Peaked Pies in Whistler.
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Peaked Pies (Whistler 2015)

Where better than the majestically snow-capped resort of Whistler could you find “peaked” pies?
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