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Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant: Korean BBQ with Lots of Banchan

Back in early March, before the whole coronapocalypse shut down all of the dine-in eating at restaurants, we dropped by Kook Korean BBQ on East 1st. It wasn’t very surprising that the restaurant was pretty quiet when we visited… but that suited us perfectly.
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Peppers Grill: Mexican and BBQ Fusion

Peppers Grill is a newish take-out spot located at the corner of Edmonds and Canada Way in Burnaby that specializes in BBQ and Mexican food. While there are a few seats here where you can dine-in, everything seems to be geared towards take-out orders and they’ll still serve your dine-in order in take-out containers complete with pre-packaged disposable utensils and napkins. In today’s age, I would expect a bit more concern with the environment (they don’t even recycle the pop cans that you buy here – everything just goes in the trash).
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Montana’s BBQ and Bar (Tsawwassen): Buttermilk Country Chicken and Ribs

To say that we don’t visit Tsawwassen much is an understatement. Located in the southern tip of Delta, most people wind up here if they’re heading to the ferries, to do some US shopping at Point Roberts, or if they’re heading out to Tsawwassen Mills (that large outlet shopping centre on Tsawwassen First Nations land). We were here for the latter and, after finishing our shopping, we stopped by Montana’s for lunch.
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Highlight by Re-Up BBQ: Mixed Feelings

Ok, so I’ll be very blunt… many years ago, I tried Re-Up BBQ and wasn’t very impressed so I’ve kind of steered clear of them for a long time. Recently, I heard of a new place that they opened up in New Westminster called Highlight by Re-Up BBQ, which takes aim at the breakfast-obsessed people with offerings of biscuits, pancakes, and sandwiches all enhanced with their usual BBQ offerings.
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Happy Tree House BBQ: Lively or Just Loud?

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post on Happy Tree House BBQ, this is a very busy spot where you can enjoy your bbq skewers in a super loud environment. It’s a combination of the tvs that they have blaring and the open nature of their floor plan which seems to encourage patrons to yell at the top of their lungs just so that the others at the table can hear over the din.
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Friends BBQ (North Road): Chinese BBQ in Koreantown

If you ever find yourself around North Road and Lougheed Hwy, you’ll probably notice the proliferation of Korean restaurants. After having Korean for a number of days in a row, I was getting a bit anxious to try something else so I wound up stopping by Friends BBQ.
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Manny’s Grill and Silog House: Filipino Cuisine in Burnaby

Manny’s Grill and Silog House, housed in the former Big 6 Family Restaurant location on 6th Street in Burnaby, is a eatery that serves up a limited offering of popular Filipino BBQ dishes.
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Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House: AYCE Korean and Japanese

Kyo Korean BBQ & Sushi House is known for their All-You-Can-Eat menu. Located on the 2nd floor of a building at Granville and West 14th, Kyo occupies the former Shabusen Yakiniku location (also known for AYCE).
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Happy Tree House BBQ (Vancouver): Skewers!

Happy Tree House BBQ recently opened up a location in Vancouver (they have another location in Richmond). Known for their BBQ skewers and whole fish dishes, they now occupy the site of the former Star Anise and Samosa Garden in a small mini mall on Kingsway known for their incredulous parking.
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Nisshin Tasuke (Tsukiji Fish Market): Tokyo 2017

In addition to the famous sushi restaurants that Tsukiji Fish Market is known for, there are a number of small stalls littered around the market hawking various street food items.
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Abeno Harukas (Kintetsu Department Store): Osaka 2017

Abeno Harukas may be the tallest building in Osaka but what you really need to do when you visit is go down to the basement. Like many of the large department store buildings in Japan, the basement is where you can find all types of foods… from prepared deli items, to desserts, and hot items.
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Fukuhachi Yakitori Restaurant (Tokyo 2016): Yakitori Alley Memory Lane

One dining experience that you should really plan on trying if you find yourself in Japan is the yokocho or alleyway restaurants that are crammed full of tiny yakitori restaurants. Most of these restaurants only have a dozen or so seats and are only open at night. One such alleyway located in Shinjuku is called Omoide Yokocho and is located on the west side of Shinjuku station. Read the rest of this entry