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Bubble Queen – Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Bubble Waffle

We heard about the various bubble waffles and fresh fruit bubble tea that they serve at Bubble Queen in Richmond and decided to give them a try. It actually took us a while to figure out that they were located on the outside of the shopping complex (facing McKim Way).
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Chef Corner Restaurant

Chef Corner Restaurant opened up in the former Black Dragon Sushi location on Kingsway and is kind of like a Taiwanese/HK-style cafe.
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Ki Tea House Cafe

Ki Tea House Cafe is a relatively new bubble tea shop that opened earlier in 2014. The thing that caught my eye was seeing their cosplay contest back during their grand opening in July.
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What8ver Cafe – Toast Box

Toast Box?  Whatever!  Or maybe it should be “What8ver Cafe”.

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Bubble World (Killarney) – Mango Stars

Did you know that you can get bubble tea with “pearls” that aren’t tapioca balls?  Lately, I’ve been having a hankering for mango stars in my bubble tea and the only place that I’ve seen them at is at Bubble World.

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Pearl House Restaurant – Fatty Pork Belly and Potato Croquettes

I’ve been thinking about trying out Pearl House Restaurant for quite some time but they’re closed on Wednesdays (which has usually been the days that I was free for lunch lately).  On a rare Tuesday in November, I found myself with some free time during lunch so I stopped by for a visit.  Read the rest of this entry

Fair Bee Coffee & Tea

Do you remember the first time you had a bubble tea?  I remember how weird it felt to have to chew your drink because of the large tapioca pearls.  I also vaguely recall almost choking a couple of times… not necessarily the best type of drink that you should give to a little kid.

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