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Nizzy’s Cafe: Home-Style Cooking

I’ve noticed the signs for Nizzy’s Cafe in the past… mainly when I head further down Byrne Road to get to Fraser Park Restaurant. Located in one of the many business parks in the area, parking can be a bit of an issue as they only have a couple of spots and the street parking fills up quickly from all of the local businesses.
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Old Farmhouse Kitchen (Avalon Dairy): Hit and Miss

If you’ve ever found yourself in the dairy aisle of your local grocery store, you’ve probably heard of Avalon Dairy. This local dairy producer has been around the Vancouver area for a very, very long time. A number of years ago, they moved their location over to North Fraser Way in Burnaby and have a small eatery at this location called Old Farmhouse Kitchen.
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Cafe 106: London Fog and Tuna Melt

Cafe 106 is a smallish cafe on the corner of Royal Oak and Grimmer in Burnaby. When I first came across the name, I briefly wondered if there were 105 other similar cafes somewhere around town but quickly realized that “106” is their unit number.
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Cafe Sweets & Beans: Wing Tower

On the corner of Kingsway and Burlington in Burnaby, it’s difficult to miss the large, turn-of-the-century, Johnson mansion (also known as “Glenedward”) whose main upper floor has been occupied by Sushi Oyama for a number of years. What many people might not remember is that this building once housed a funeral home until the early 80’s… something which has always been the focus of ghostly rumours among those of us that do know of the history of this location.
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Trafiq Cafe and Bakery: More Than Just Cakes

If you’re looking for cakes in Vancouver, the place that everyone talks about is Trafiq. Operating a cafe on bustling Main Street, they offer up a variety of sandwiches, cakes, and pastries.
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Hiel Cafe: Newish Cafe on Burnaby-New West Border

Hiel Cafe is located at the busy intersection of 6th Street and Tenth Avenue on the Burnaby/New Westminster border. Due to the traffic, and despite the parking lot, it can be difficult to find parking since street parking is restricted and the parking lot always seems full from the rest of the business complex that it’s located in.
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